Imagine, Create, Inspire

My Father always guided me to Imagine what I want, Create with my hands and remain Inspired to continue loving life. When I was ten, I built a "tiny house" in my backyard with windows, curtains and a fireplace. All was well until it fell on me. My hero Father came to the rescue and helped me create my "fort". During my high school years, he built an art studio for me in the basement of our home in North Dakota where we were stationed in the Air Force. I've traveled a lot, loved a lot and now I like to create a lot. "Always have a plan" was my Father's words to "what's your goal?"

My goal has always been to be an artist. I find everything in life is art. As my journey took me through life in the military to hosting special events ATtheParlor, I continue creating art in furniture make-overs and I create private party events. 

My greatest passion is to help people have a great time seeing what they can create on canvas. I love to see people having fun with art, being amazed at what they create and inspiring them to continue creating so they can find a deeper love of life through creative art. 

My mission: Imagine, Create & Inspire ❤️